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Save money on your Energy Bills

Waste of time these EPCs. No one looks at them.?

This may be true for some people. BUT many do see the value of them once they see how they work.

On average an EPC can save money. More than they cost to buy.

It doesn't need to cost a lot or be difficult to implement the recommendations , but if done properly many people can easily save �50 a month on their energy bills.

With energy prices always going up an EPC can help you save a lot of money and actually make your home warmer.

A true case study of savings in the last three years.

New house bought 3 years ago, bills �125 per month for joint electric and gas bill. After the price increases this would now be �150 per month)

Now joint bill �59 per month

Whilst this includes solar panels in reducing the bills a lot of small things add to saving the customer a lot of money.

In an average 3 bedroomed house it is possible to see the reductions above. I have talked to people who have bills of over �225 a month in a small three bedroomed home. This probably could be halved without solar panels.

Martyn Schultz DipDEA is the local Domestic Energy Assessor for Preston, Fylde and South Ribble area and will provide a professional Energy Performance Certificate (EPC's).

All DEAs have to be accredited, have had a CRB check and have insurance to cover their work and your property.

Feel free to ring 0789 685 9581