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EPC in Westhoughton
EPC for £40 in Westhoughton

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EPC throughout Westhoughton

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ALL houses in Westhoughton will need an EPC  when being sold, rented or needing solar panels. EPCs can also be carried out just to learn how to lower your energy bills, sometimes significantly.

Why pay higher fees for your EPC in Westhoughton. Our prices start from £40* with no VAT added. This is the price you pay.

We know of many whose prices start from £75 plus VAT and you will probably have to pay again if you move agents or put up the house again at a later date

We give you a copy of the FULL certificate .

We are able to offer:

• Value for money EPC’s from £40.00*

• Flexible appointments.

• Urgent out of hours service

• EPC can be delivered the same day as visit.

Use Green PEA and save now. All our EPCs are insured, and we are fully accredited. All will be registered on the Landmark website.

We have produced 1000s over the last five years , for agents solicitors and builders.

We are fast and local to all the Westhoughton area. Many EPCs in Westhoughton can be produced and sent out within hours of the visit to the home.

On websites you see some that are seemingly lower but they then add VAT on their quotes after you have ordered.

Please feel free to phone us on 0789 685 9581
or email us Click Here with your enquiries.

* Average sized house will be £40.